Hollywood vs. Reality

The decision to have plastic surgery is an important one. Here at the Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery we want you to be fully educated on your procedure prior to making any decisions. You should also recognize that not everyone is a candidate for plastic surgery. If it determined that you are able to undergo a procedure or treatment we suggest you do a great deal of research. Understand your procedure and the steps you will have to take before and after to ensure a safe procedure and a speedy recovery. Also you should develop reasonable expectations for the results of your procedure or treatment, do this by asking questions and educating yourself. Finally consider why you are seeking plastic surgery, ensure that it is solely for you, not to fulfill an ideal or to make someone else happy.

Hollywood projects the idea that perfection exists; that money solves all problems. These socialites are human and they have to deal with the healing process and scars just like everyone else who chooses a plastic surgery procedure. Every single person who undergoes a cosmetic procedure has to deal with the recovery stage and consider if plastic surgery is right for them. The media glamorizes life, but we have a more realistic view of cosmetic procedures. Prepare yourself physically and emotionally for your treatment or procedure. To aid in your decision we strongly suggest you seek out a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, like the Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery’s own Dr. Bazzi.