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FDA finally declares that the TUBA (Transumbilical breast augmentation) procedure should not be performed!!!

Although we have known this for countless years there have been many “non-core” physicians, i.e. physicians who are not “Plastic Surgeons” performing TUBA and referring to themselves as “pioneers” in this unsafe, blind procedure. Additionally, those same practitioners often audaciously make the claim that the surgeons who recommend against TUBA are simply not skilled enough to perform it. On the contrary, it is the skilled surgeon who recognizes the countless risks and potential complications that they will be imposing on their trusting patients thereby opting not to expose these innocent patients to those additional risks. Although this came several years later than we had hoped, we applaud the FDA for making such a monumental declaration!!!


Myths May Deter Women From Breast Reconstruction

Breast ReconstructionMisconceptions may be keeping women from undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, even though the procedure can help improve quality of life for cancer survivors, according to a new review. Read more

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