Our Staff

The staff of Celestial Institute welcomes every patient the same with the same level of care as they do their own family. We pride ourselves in providing an environment in which our patients feel accepted and empowered as they enhance their unique beauty and character.

Mohamad H. Bazzi, MD, FACS

Dr. Bazzi is the heart of Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery which he and his wife founded in 2003.  Starting off in private practice was the path he chose as a young surgeon. His dedication to patient education, care and outcomes made his practice flourish very quickly.  He is a native of the metro-Detroit area. His academic career started at the University of Michigan where he was a chemistry major and recipient of many awards and accolades.  As an undergraduate student he had diverse interests that ranged from different disciplines of engineering but somehow realized that he was only fit for medicine. What ever Dr. Bazzi applies himself to must be completed to perfection and serve the purpose of fulfillment.  After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan he attended Wayne State University School of Medicine and decided that he belonged in Surgery. Dr. Bazzi was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society along with several other awards and recognitions.  He completed his general surgery residency at WSU/DMC still here in metro Detroit. As a general surgeon he realized that after trauma and acute care surgery, the loop in patient care and outcomes still needed to be closed. It was at that point that he realized Plastic Surgery was simply the natural progression for him to feel complete as a surgeon.  The ability to see each patient through trauma, cancer or whatever pathology they were experiencing; helping restore their health and then finally taking their physical being back as close to the starting point as possible was where Dr. Bazzi found most satisfaction. He moved on to complete his fellowship in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery through WSU and William Beaumont Hospital.  

Dr. Bazzi’s uncompromising standards, dedication to patient care and true love of humanity and medicine make it easy for patients to find comfort in his surgical skills and trust in his character.  Dr. Bazzi is board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These boards are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and remains active in his specialty to ensure that he delivers the best surgical outcomes for his patients. 

Dr. Bazzi’s credentials are second-to-none, but lets talk about who he is personally.  He comes from a large family, 1 of 9 children with many nieces and nephews. He is married with 3 children who add to his undeniably chaotic schedule.  He and his wife work together as a team but personally and professionally. Dr. Bazzi loves children because he appreciates their innocence and curiosity.  He feels lucky when he has a rare morning where he is able to drive his kids to school and listen to their stories. He loves to provoke his daughter since she is very feisty and opinionated and he loves to pick his sons brain since he is an intuitive “old soul”  who is wise beyond his years. Dr. Bazzi is a lover of world history, tea, old books and humanity in general. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is an exceptionally humble surgeon who considers his talent a blessing that requires him to serve others. Dr. Bazzi remains at the forefront of his specialty while maintaining the practice of gold standards and acknowledging the need to evolve when necessary but to also recognize when some of the newer things are not as innovative as they may seem. 

Zainab Jishi, MS, PA-C

Zainab is native to the metro-Detroit area and has lived here all her life. She is a mother of 3, wife and PA, in that order. She has a very family-oriented lifestyle which is often experienced by her patients as she does treat everyone she encounters as family. She very frequently tells her patients, “if it is not something I would do to myself or family, I will not offer it to you or anyone else.” She is very critical with just about everything she is involved in which makes her very analytical about details prior to forming plans or opinions. She is a straight shooter, unable to “sugar coat” so you can rest assured you will always get an honest opinion from her. She feels impeccable communication is an absolute must when involving patient care, especially when involving elective aesthetic goals. She recognizes that patients have a choice about where to go to seek their services and she is humbled by every single individual who entrusts their goals to her. Zainab is a natural educator and precepts PA students from Michigan PA programs for their elective clinical rotations. Additionally Zainab was selected to join the esteemed faculty of Allergan Medical Institute, the division of Allergan Aesthetics that is responsible for training other medical professionals on how to safely perform Botox injections as well as the Juvederm portfolio of dermal fillers.

At an early age, Zainab began her undergraduate academic career at the University of Michigan – Dearborn while still enrolled as a high-school student. Upon formal initiation of her undergraduate career she was accepted to the University of Michigan – Dearborn with a University issued full-tuition scholarship. In 2005 she graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, minoring in Psychology as well as a B.A. in Hispanic Studies in Spanish with a minor in Philosophy. Throughout her life she never really envisioned herself in a career outside of medicine. Although she tends to find something she enjoys in just about everything; the interaction between health, pathophysiology and human nature is where her true love lies. She loves interacting with people from all walks of life, as she believes that each personal interaction is a lesson of some sort and that it adds a jewel to your own character. Shortly after graduating, she got married in 2005, not realizing that she would eventually become an integral part of her husbands profession.

After getting married, she helped her husband establish his private practice in Plastic Surgery. A challenging role however very fruitful. Very quickly she realized that her attention to detail, appreciation of balance and honest nature were a perfect compliment to the industry. After having established a robust practice and moving into a larger space she redirected her focus back on her own academics. She attended the University of Detroit Mercy where she obtained her M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies, Summa Cum Laude. Her intention while attending PA school was to always return to the Plastic Surgery setting to focus on Facial Aesthetics. Along the way however she developed another love, Emergency Medicine. The ambitious person that she is needed to have both. So upon completion of her studies she decided to work part time in the Emergency Department as well. She describes that setting as unlike anywhere else. She says “we are all focused on the same thing regardless ofpersonal relationships, needs or wants. At that moment we all respect that only one thing matters and we all work together to accomplish it.” She feels the ED has further solidified her confidence in treating patients and enables her to put all emotions aside while in the face of conflict. She recognizes and appreciates what matters most. She feels the ED keeps her grounded, keeps her broader sense of medicine strong and continues to add jewels to who she is. After establishing A Fine Line Aesthetics she has had to limit her time spent in the ER however she has no intention of ever letting it go completely.

In the Plastic Surgery setting, Zainab focuses on Facial Aesthetics and Non-Surgical options for Body Contouring, Female health and Skin Rejuvenation. She is in constant competition with herself which keeps her at the forefront of her industry constantly seeking additional learning experiences both near and afar. She prides herself on natural outcomes and although she respects every patients desires, she does not shy away from refusing to provide service if she does not feel expectations are either realistic or safe. In addition to the very extensive training obtained by her husband, a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Zainab has been trained by global leaders in the injectable world. She has completed multiple Masters Injector trainings and remains active with ongoing changes in the injectable world. Her diverse training experiences lends her a unique perspective and comprehensive approach when planning treatments for each individual patient.

Komal Gulati, MHS OTR/L CHT 

Komal has been practicing Occupational Therapy for 25+ years. She earned her Masters of Health Science in OT from University of Indianapolis and her passion in the field of orthopedics and Hand Therapy led her to be a Certified Hand Therapist. She has been working closely with Dr Bazzi for the past 11 years treating a variety of traumatic hand injuries. She believes in the comprehensive approach to treating the “whole patient”. Her stress on patient-centered goals and the importance of “Empowering people to do what matters most” results in excellent functional achievements post-injury. She integrates the principles of manual therapy, functional strength and patient education to make the hand therapy rehabilitation experience more therapeutic and enjoyable. Komal enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle being a busy mother of 2 middle schoolers and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Caina Schneider, Licensed Esthetician

Caina joined the Celestial family almost 2 years ago.  She has become an essential piece to the comprehensive care of patients in the practice.  Her passion to her profession, commitment to patient care, and honest character make it very easy for patients to trust her with their vulnerabilities and concerns.  Caina is also a phlebotomist who works at a local hospital where she draws blood for patients requiring lab testing and diagnostics. As a result of that background her comfort in a surgical setting extends far beyond that of most estheticians.

Her passion for making others feel confident and beautiful started at a young age. She always struggled with self confidence growing up but always helped others find their inner beauty and confidence. Although she grew up in a conservative small town community she always loved learning about new skincare treatments especially medical grade. She knew that it was a collection of simple misconceptions the words “botox,” “lip injections” and other cosmetic services seem tabboo.

Caina always continues to learn.  At Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery she provides laser treatments, medical grade chemical peels, DermalInfusion, Thermi Smooth skin tightening, ThermiVa Vaginal rejuvenation, Vivace Microneedling and CoolSculpting.  She attends educational seminars in regards to skincare and services several times a year to stay up to date. She attended CoolSculpting University in December 2018 to ensure that she was providing the best treatments possible for her body contouring clients. Caina’s favorite treatments to perform are DermalInfusions and CoolSculpting.

In 2013, Caina was intrigued by the medical field and achieved her phlebotomy certification while attending University of Michigan-Flint for Nursing in 2013. Caina decided to put Nursing on hold for the time being but continued to expand on and apply her knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as medical terminology.  In 2016, she decided to pursue an esthetics career, and started her journey at Douglas J Aveda institute in East Lansing promptly obtaining her license in April 2017. Caina started her career doing relaxation facials and full body waxing.  She felt the need to be challenged and to have her knowledge tested and expanded. Caina started working in medical aesthetics in September 2017. In her short experience she thought most medical aesthetic businesses are all about sales that over promise and under deliver. She started searching for her “forever home,” a place where she could establish real relationships, provide legitimate education, and offer treatments with proven results and an abundance of happy patients.  Caina found that at Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery in June 2018. “They educate first and put the patient in the driver seat, and that is what I love about Celestial.”

“I have the most rewarding and fulfilling  job. I help women and men with their skin and body and it is truly humbling to have them pick me and trust me along their journey.” Some of the most humbling experiences I have had involve the patients who have decided to go to Esthetics school after experiencing me sharing my passion, knowledge and education while in the treatment room.”  The most memorable thing for Caina was when a patient stated, “Caina saved my life and gave me my confidence back, I don’t have to worry about wearing make-up anymore or having someone make comments about how bad my skin looks, now I just receive compliments.”

Jamie Parker

Jamie has been with Celestial Institute for a little over 5 years. She always knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field and feels she found her place when she joined the Celestial family. She loves to interact with patients and loves the bond we are all encouraged to form throughout their care. She is a busy mom of two, Declan and Delilah, and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.

Over the years Jamie has become an integral part of the practice and is a key contact person for everyone. Jamie is the only girl out of a set of triplets. She has always wanted to move to Florida but after getting engaged and having her daughter she decided that Michigan would remain her home for at least the near future. To fulfill her love of Florida however she frequently visits her family that lives there and of course has to stop and visit the big mouse while she is there!

Muneebah Vaid

Muneebah is a 23 year old Ann Arbor native. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Neuroscience. She is an aspiring Physician, and plans on applying to Medical School in Summer 2021. She is the office “Foodie.” She makes sure the office is fed, and has had their morning coffee. She is always ready to jump into any situation to offer her help, whether it be answering phones or assisting during office procedures.