Male Chest Implants

Many men aspire to build a broad, firm chest, but achieving pectoral muscle bulk and definition is easier for some body types than others. Some men will not see their desired results from working out, no matter how many hours of presses and pushups they log at the gym. For others, a condition such as pectus excavatum or Poland syndrome results in abnormal development of the chest that can take a toll on one’s confidence and self-image. Male chest implants, also known as pectoral implants, are an increasingly popular solution for men who want to improve the shape, size and definition of their chest area.

Who should consider male chest implants?

Pectoral implant surgery can be an effective method of sculpting a larger, more defined and more masculine chest if:

  • You are self-conscious about your appearance
  • Your pectoral muscles are underdeveloped
  • You are athletic and wish to improve the volume and contour of your chest muscles
  • Your chest is asymmetrical or distorted from birth or due to injury
  • You do not like the way clothes fit your torso
  • You are uncomfortable showing your upper body in public
  • Exercise has been unable to achieve your desired results


How do male chest implants differ from female breast implants?

Pectoral implants for men are not the same as breast implants for women. Male chest implants look different, are made of different materials and are placed in a different manner. They are made of soft but solid silicone, making them firmer than the saline and silicone implants used in women’s breast enhancement procedures. They cannot rupture, leak or deflate. A wide range of implant shapes and sizes are available, allowing Dr. Bazzi to customize your procedure to achieve the most attractive and natural-looking results for your specific body type. The options available for the procedure will be discussed during your initial consultation.

What happens during male chest implant surgery?

During the procedure, a small incision is made in the armpit where future scarring can be effectively concealed by hair growth. Tools inserted through the incision are used to create a pocket to hold the implant between the layers of the chest muscles (the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor). The implant selected during the consultation process is inserted into the pocket and positioned, and the incisions are closed. The steps are repeated on the other side of the chest.

What can I expect during recovery?

The recovery experience varies from patient to patient. In general, you can expect mild to moderate discomfort following the insertion of chest implants, as well as some bruising and swelling. You may be advised to wear a medical compression garment to ensure the implants do not shift during the healing process. Your chest muscles will most likely feel sore and stiff after the procedure and rigorous activities — particularly those that involve the chest and shoulders — should be avoided until you receive clearance from your surgeon. Patients can usually return to work in a few days after pectoral implant surgery as long as their job does not involve heavy lifting.

What results can male chest implants achieve?

Pectoral implants can improve muscular contours for athletic men, enhance chest definition and volume for slim men and correct deformity or asymmetry that causes self-consciousness. Results from pectoral implant surgery are immediately visible and continue to refine as postoperative swelling subsides. Patients who receive pectoral implants say they feel more confident, more powerful, more masculine and more comfortable showing off their physique. These benefits are long-lasting provided you maintain a healthy weight.

What procedures complement male chest implants?

Patients seeking enhanced definition throughout the torso may benefit from combining a body contouring procedure with the insertion of chest implants. Liposuction or CoolSculpting can address diet- and exercise-resistant fat around the chest, abdomen and flanks (“love handles”) to further sculpt the upper body for a leaner, more toned look.

Are male chest implants right for me?

Pectoral implants are a popular option for men with underdeveloped or asymmetrical muscles who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their chest and are unable to achieve their goals with exercise alone. Ideal candidates for this procedure lead a healthy lifestyle and are at a stable weight but need assistance to get the projection and definition they want. Dr. Bazzi will help you choose the pectoral implant size and shape that best suits your body type for masculine, well-proportioned and natural-looking results. Call the Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery at 734-844-5700 to schedule a consultation.