Celestial Skin Care & Laser

Given that your face is the first thing that greets the world, we take very seriously all skin concerns and practice a unique approach to skin care and skin health. Since we try to avoid treatment approaches that may modify normal skin physiology we have chosen what we know are the best combination of options for optimal skin. We treat all skin types and most common skin problems regularly and successfully. At Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery we strive to provide the most optimal services to deliver the best results in the safest methods and at a price you can afford. Let us help put your best face forward…

General Skin Care

We look at skin care as part of one’s lifestyle. Just as we must maintain a healthy routine of diet and exercise we uphold the same philosophy with respect to skin. Our facial skin is simply an outward expression of our overall skin health. Adequate water intake, healthy food choices and regular exercise all contribute to optimal skin health. For skin that has experienced damage or the simple reality of aging, there are options that we all have to improve that complexion. Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery is a proud provider of Obagi Medical Products and has been for a very long time. Obagi is a leader in the skin care industry that is known to yield great outcomes. At Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery we have a results driven philosophy so we chose Obagi as our skin care line knowing that it provides the best results. For all laser patients as well as facial surgery patients we educate that healthy skin provides the best template as well as best results.

Chemical Peels

Be it a simple complexion booster or a dramatic skin enhancer we offer some of the industry’s most reputable chemical peels. Depending on the level of correction you are seeking and whether you are able to flake for a few days we will tailor a regimen that is right for you. When done by the appropriate individuals in the appropriate places chemical peels are safe, well tolerated and excellent ways to give your skin the ultimate refresher. Optimal skin requires preparation and maintenance however a chemical peel is a great compliment to any skin care service.

We are loving the outcomes of the ZO three step peel. The perfect chemical with little to no downtime yet an awesome outcome. Although we always recommend that chemical peels be performed in a series, this peel is quite the skin refresher after one treatment.

What to expect:

Immediately after the peel you may feel a little tight. You will feel tighter on day 2. You can expect to start peeling about 24 hours after the peel. The peeling continues for about 2 more days with some residual peeling toward the periphery of your face.

Laser Services

After thorough research of the laser industry for all treatment types, we have selected an array of lasers to best deliver the services that you may be looking for. Additionally, we only provide services that are FDA approved and that are proven to provide results, not just hopes. Typically laser services are performed in a series.

The following are the laser services we provide with a bit of information on each:

Laser Hair Removal / Reduction

Laser hair removal works by targeting the color pigment that exists in your hair follicle. Once that pigment is detected the laser destroys that follicle of hair. Ultimately the goal is to prevent that follicle from actively growing again. Successful laser hair removal requires a series of treatments and consistent scheduling. A series of treatments is required because only 10% of your hair will respond to each treatment. Hair growth occurs in different phases, hair in the active phase of growth is the only hair that will respond to the treatment. So, on average, after each treatment you can expect a 10% reduction in hair.

All people tolerate discomfort differently however laser hair removal in our office is well tolerated and does not require any form of anesthesia. The laser devices we use, Candela Lasers, employ a cooling method which significantly helps in making the treatments comfortable.

After treatment a patient can expect minor reactions such as treatment site redness or small red bumps often referred to as “chicken skin” which can be irritating but resolves soon after treatment. Patient responses vary on various factors including but not limited to health state, skin type and treatment level.

Spider Vein Treatments

Treatments for spider veins also need to be done in a series. Depending on the severity of the veins the average required sessions are between 3-6. The laser targets the blood vessels and cause the targeted vessel to collapse. It is always possible that the vein refills immediately or weeks later, for that reason multiple sessions are required. For optimal results we recommend wearing tights or compression stockings to help prevent those vessels from filling. Also, alcohol and certain medications may cause those veins to refill as well.

This treatment does not require anesthesia either and is also generally well tolerated. After treatment you can expect redness and welting in the areas of treatment. In many cases you will see that your veins are gone before you leave but that does not necessarily mean they will remain gone after that session. How you care for them also impacts your outcome.

Skin Rejuvenation / Skin Tightening

Skin rejuvenation can be accomplished through various modalities. Laser treatments can be done once monthly and results in smoother, softer skin with a healthier complexion. Brown spots and facial veins are the most common concerns that people present with and are treatable with laser treatments. Laser skin rejuvenation is generally well tolerated and typically only causes slight redness after treatment.

Sun / Age Spots

Dark spots on your skin on any part of your body can be easily corrected with laser. In some cases only one session is required but stubborn lesions may require more. Depending on how many lesions there are and on what part of the body will determine the exact treatment that is right for you. If there are only a few well defined lesions then one treatment will yield a significant improvement. After treatment you can expect some redness and a possible ashy appearance to the treated lesions.