Thermi Smooth Face

ThermiSmooth is a comfortable in office non-surgical procedure used to smooth wrinkles and crepeness on the face and neck.

The environment, diet, and the natural aging process causes wrinkling/creping of the skin and loss of skin laxity. ThermiSmooth applies temperature controlled Radiofrequency to the skin to increase collagen production over time. This leads to smoothing of mild to moderate wrinkles/creping on the face and neck, and improved early laxity. For best results a series of 4 to 6 treatments one to two weeks apart are needed for maximum results.

Treatments for one area (i.e. both eyes) are 30 minutes. Patients describe the procedure as being similar to a hot stone massage, and are able to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. Those with implantable devices, such as but not limited to pacemakers, imbedded defibrillators, and Cochlear ear implants are not candidates.

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