I want to express how happy and thankful I am for you accepting me s your patient. In the past I looked at myself wishing and dreaming that one day it will be my turn. I believe the time has come. I have thanked my family doctor repeatedly regarding the recommendation of Dr. Bazzi for Plastic Surgery.

I am how old??? You and your ‘God given talent’ has made me feel beautiful. I realize the years of hard work put your life on hold, but you are definitely rewarded with a talent that only “you really have” as well as the beautiful, intelligent, blessed woman Zainab. Even when I was young, I did not see myself as being very pretty but at this age you have turned back the clock, and made me into a prettier woman. Now I feel like a child again. Age is all relative…Timeless like Moses, Noah… Zainab, you are awesome. You made this dream come true.

You expedited the financial end in a stress free manner. Educating me on better skin care and looking more youthful and natural is heaven sent. I just know it, God sent me Dr. Bazzi and Zainab…Gee, I better be good and try to make someone else happy like you blessed people made me!! Please tell the other staff members thanks for keeping my anxiety in check when I was on Candid Camera, they have always been so friendly and helpful. I hope God blesses you with happiness, health and prosperity.