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Bazzi Plastic Surgery is a leading provider of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to patients in Canton, Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Under the guidance of double board-certified plastic surgeon Mohamad H. Bazzi, MD, FACS, Bazzi Plastic Surgery offers state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to achieve beautiful results that transform patients’ lives inside and out. Beauty is more than skin deep, and we believe your time with us should be the same. Your experience with Bazzi Plastic Surgery matters just as much as your final results.

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Dr. Bazzi

Choosing the right surgeon is an essential part of your aesthetic journey. Dr. Bazzi is committed to providing each patient with a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that emphasizes a holistic approach to beauty and the artistic origins of plastic surgery. His approach does not focus on the trendy face of cosmetic surgery or fads promoted by celebrities and social media influencers. Instead, Dr. Bazzi seeks to preserve the timeless art of plastic surgery, and help patients achieve an appearance that reflects their personality and further individualizes their already unique character.

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Many people seeking aesthetic improvements know the areas they want to address but may not know which treatments can help them realize their goals. Whether you are looking for a more sculpted body or a more youthful face, Bazzi Plastic Surgery offers a range of surgical procedures and nonsurgical treatments that can address your specific needs and concerns.

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